REPRESENT: What Matters

Engaging Journalism + Data Technology = Impactful Solutions

WeXL’s premiere program ushers in the next generation of broadcast journalism: one that is backed by factual information and encourages audiences to participate in discovering and sharing insights. Together, we hope to arrive at socio-economic solutions that can drive workforce and economic development and help even the most marginalized to excel.

Our tv show REPRESENT is where diverse voices come together to talk about how issues in the media affect our personal lives. To provide a deeper dive into each topic, WeXL pairs each show with a survey that gathers insights from our community on these issues over time. 

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REPRESENT is taped at the beautiful MidPen Media Center in Palo Alto, CA., the heart of Silicon Valley. Featuring co-hosts Arabella DeLucco (WeXL Founder), Gabriella Deyi (Broadcast Journalist) and Belgica Paola Rodriguez (Actress).